Staying connected takes regular effort

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Like our fitness, staying close and connected as a partnership takes ongoing effort. During times of stress and difficulty this is more true that ever as we tend to ‘protect ourselves’ by pushing loved-ones away.
Conversations are the key


Through regular ‘guided’ conversations, this course will support you to maintain and deepen your connection with your partner, keep you working as a team, and diffuse tensions before they become too damaging.
Delivered in weekly ‘dates’


To keep things feeling fresh, you’ll be delivered weekly guided conversations in the form of ‘dates’. Each week’s conversation will only take around 30 minutes, so you’ll still have plenty of time to do other ‘date stuff’ (e.g. 👉👌).
COVID Compliant


Of course, this micro-course has been designed in a time of COVID. So you can either complete the course IRL (face-to-face) or via video call (e.g. Zoom, etc).
It Takes Two to Tango 


This micro-course has been designed to be done in couples, so you’ll need to sign them up too.

Make time to connect.

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Course outline:

Week 1: Self-reflection
Week 2: A safe space for sharing
Week 3: Digging a little deeper
Week 4: Supporting one-another
Week 5: New wellbeing strategies
Week 6: Embracing change
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Rise curates and delivers weekly dates, conversations and relationship theory to help you to grow individually and as a partnership.

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